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Chili for Children began in 1979 by Mrs. Theresa Stevenson.   Chili for Children was designated as a non profit organization in 1985 under the legal name of Regina Indian Community Awareness Inc.  Mrs. Stevenson started Chili for Children hot lunch program after she had heard stories of children going to school hungry and seeing children on the street during the noon hour with nothing to eat.  Theresa and her husband started the hot lunch program from money out of their own pockets.

Chili for Children continues to operate out of the Albert Scott Community Centre with a dedicated and caring staff of eight people offering basic services such as food bank referrals for needy families, fine option program, Thanksgiving and Christmas suppers for children and their families.  To date, Chili for Children is working to expand into other essential services to help families; areas such as parenting skills, life skills training, and employment placement.  Today Chili for Children feeds well over 500 children per day from several locations five times per week: The Albert Scott Community Centre, Sacred Heart Community School, Scott Collegiate, St. Lukes School and Imperial Community School.